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Reword.co Review 2023: The Trainable AI to Amplify Your Style

Reword.co Review

It’s impossible not to notice the surge of AI writing tools gracing the digital landscape lately. It seems like there’s a new one popping up every single day, doesn’t it?

And I know what you’re thinking, “Another tool? Really?!  I haven’t had the chance to even explore the ones I already have”.

But here’s the deal – while there’s a BUNCH of AI writing tools available, there aren’t many like Reword.co that let your distinct voice shine through.

What intrigued me about this AI writing tool is its unique approach to transforming the typical user-tool relationship into a creative collaboration.

Essentially, it amplifies your voice, making your content a seamless extension of your thoughts and ideas.

Curious to know more about the intriguing abilities of Reword.co and how it can take your content to a whole new level? Let’s explore them in this Reword.co review.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Reword.co: Cutting-edge AI writing assistant empowering all writers.
  • AI and natural language processing transform writing from brainstorming to finalizing content.
  • Maintain your unique voice while improving content quality.
  • Features: Google Search Console integration, intuitive editor toolbar, topical research.
  • Seamless integration with WordPress for easy synchronization.
  • Collaborate effortlessly, allowing the AI to learn from your team’s collective wisdom.
  • Affordable pricing plans with advanced AI training capabilities.
  • User-friendly experience with continuous updates.
  • Ideal for professionals, content creators, bloggers, and SEO specialists aiming to enhance their writing process and showcase their distinctive brand voice.
Reword.Co Review

Elevate your content quality and maintain your unique voice.

Collaborate effortlessly with the AI and unlock new levels of productivity.

Experience its intuitive editor, Google Search Console integration, and topical research.

Sign up today for your 14-day free trial.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you purchase through my links on this page, I may receive a commission, which helps support my website at no additional cost to you.

What is Reword.co and how does it work?

Reword.co is a cutting-edge AI writing assistant designed to empower writers of all levels.

This tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to modify your writing process, from the initial brainstorming stage right down to finalizing your polished piece. 

Reword.Co Review

The beauty lies in its unique natural language processing capabilities which can transform your thoughts into expertly crafted sentences by training your AI assistant.

Operating Reword.co is as simple as can be. You just feed it a few key points or a rough draft of your content and watch as it morphs into grammatically correct, structured, and refined text – Plagiarism free.

The real charm of this tool lies in its heightened focus on user-first content. – Which it should be.

Let’s take a moment to consider Google’s perspective:

Google’s automated ranking systems are designed to present helpful, reliable information that’s primarily created to benefit people, not to gain search engine rankings, in the top Search results. – Google.

With Reword.co, you can concentrate on what truly matters – delivering your message effectively and engaging your readers. 

You have the opportunity to learn how to use AI for SEO, to better your content and catapult your website’s visibility to the top of search engine rankings.

Performance Features: How Reword.co Can Improve Your Writing

Alright, we’ve skimmed the surface, now it’s time to plunge into the heart of the matter. How does Reword.co truly elevate your writing game? Let’s explore some of its standout features.

Google Search Console Integration

Reword.co is an AI assistant that doesn’t just take control of your brand’s unique voice but collaborates with you to capture its essence. 

That’s what Reword.co brings to the table. It’s designed to learn from you and adapt to your brand’s distinctive style.

With Reword.co, you get to connect your Google Search Console data. The AI dives into your content, flawlessly capturing and reflecting your unique writing style.

Easily integrate your search console data into your Reword project with read-only access for security. Your articles are detected and imported automatically. Reword also uses real search intent data to train your AI assistant.

Intuitive Editor ToolBar

The Reword editor enriches your writing with AI features. It has several tools to streamline content creation: 

reword.co review

1. User-friendly toolbar: Similar to Google Docs, the toolbar gives easy access to formatting and AI options for a smooth experience. 

2. Slash menu: Press ‘/’ on your keyboard to open a menu for quick task execution. 

3. Quick bar: Use the Quick bar to apply styles, run AI commands, simplify text, format content, and insert links. 

4. Keyboard commands: Experienced users can use keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks like formatting, undoing changes, and more. 

5. AI Collaboration: Reword offers AI features to enhance your writing: 

   Enrich – Creates new content in-line with your topic and tone. 

   Rephrase – Suggests alternative wording for better readability. 

   Simplify – Reduces wordy content while maintaining the meaning. 

   Commands – Provides explicit AI instructions for tasks like creating tables or inserting links. 

Content creation It’s all about simplicity, efficiency, and a personalized touch. That’s what Reword promises to deliver to you each step of the way.

Delving Into Your Topic

Ever wished for a research assistant while writing? The Topical Research feature is just that. It’s a handy sidebar that helps you delve into the nuances of your topic.

Reword.Co Review

With a preset list of questions ready to pose to your AI assistant, you can unearth critical subheadings, relevant facts, common reader queries, impactful statistics, expert quotes, and even brainstorm alternative article titles.

Before you know it, every fragment of your article will seamlessly come together, gifting you precious extra minutes in your day.

Reword.Co Review

For example, you could click “What subheadings matter to my readers the most?”. Then it will generate a list of the best subheadings that fit the article that you can choose from – one click at a time.

Reword also incorporates its own training models and exclusive proprietary data, including a citation model.

It helps in digging up credible references to back up any AI claims, especially when dealing with fact-based or statistical queries.

Reword.Co Review

On top of that, you can ask any question about your topic, and the AI assistant gives a comprehensive response. Reword gives you an edge by aiding in detailed research and offering key insights for top-notch articles.

WordPress Integration

With Reword’s WordPress integration capability, your articles and drafts harmoniously sync across both platforms. 

The beauty of it? Any changes you make, anywhere, get updated instantly and automatically.  

Review.Co Review

Setting up the integration involves installing Reword’s WordPress plugin and entering an API key for secure authentication between your WordPress site and Reword. 

With the integration, your WordPress articles and drafts will be accessible in Reword. Any changes in content on WordPress will be updated in real-time in Reword. 

Reword also lets you send new drafts to WordPress in one click, streamlining your workflow. This lets you create and edit content in Reword and publish it directly on your WordPress website. 

Think of this feature as a bridge connecting your WordPress platform directly to Reword. It seamlessly syncs your content between both platforms for a streamlined and efficient content management experience.

Team-Up Vibes

Enhance your team’s capability with Reword’s Collaboration feature. It’s more than just an AI tool – it’s your virtual workspace where creativity meets productivity.

Just head over to the “Teammates” section under Settings, send out those invites, and get the words flowing.

Reword.Co Review

With the role assignment feature, you can effortlessly manage your team. Admins have full control, while writers can focus on what they do best – creating compelling content.

But the AI assistant is not just sitting around – it’s learning from your team’s collective wisdom to offer even better suggestions.

Dive in, explore, and watch as Reword transforms your team’s writing process into a seamless, optimized journey. 

Breaking Down the Pricing: Is Reword.co Worth the Cost?

Right off the bat, Reword paves the way with a 14-day free trial. It’s a no-strings-attached chance for you to take their platform for a spin. 

During this 14-day trial, you can create or optimize up to 4 articles. The best part is that you have the flexibility to cancel at any time, providing you with complete control.

Reword.Co Review

If you’re ready to take your writing to the next level, Reword’s paid plans offer even more advantages. 

By upgrading to a paid plan, you’ll enjoy increased content limits, enabling you to create and optimize a larger volume of articles. This empowers you to scale your writing projects and tackle more tasks effortlessly.

Collaboration is a key aspect of the writing process, and Reword understands that. That’s why their paid plans also provide additional team seats, allowing you to collaborate effectively with more team members. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. Reword’s paid plans come with advanced AI training capabilities. This means you can tap into the full potential of the Reword AI assistant, receiving sophisticated writing assistance that helps refine and improve your work.

I mean, starting at $48/month? That’s quite the bargain for such a powerful tool.

There are no contracts or cancellation fees, so you can cancel your subscription anytime

To further ensure your satisfaction, Reword offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your paid plan within the first 14 days, they will gladly provide a refund.

You can also choose Reword’s annual billing option for a 20% discount.


  • Reword adapts to your blog for better article creation that benefits your brand and audience.
  • It offers an AI-assisted editor for faster, more effective content creation.
  • Reword supplies cited facts and statistics for enhanced articles.
  • Reword focuses on creating engaging, readable articles that search engines favor.
  • Reword provides AI assistance to your team for improved collaboration.
  • Reword connects with your existing CMS for easy content management and synchronization.


  • Without AI training, content may not reflect your unique style and preferences.
  • Reword.co currently doesn’t have a fast image upload feature. Users must manually input the image source instead of uploading from their devices.

Who is Reword.co for?

If you’re someone who’s eager to transform your writing process and showcase the full power of your distinctive brand voice, then Reword.co is for you.

  • Business professionals: Supercharge your reports, presentations, and emails with Reword.co’s AI magic, making them as polished as a CEO’s shoes and as impactful as a boardroom pitch.
  • Content Creators: In the vast digital wilderness, create articles that not just engage but captivate, resonating with your audience and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Bloggers: Craft top-tier blog posts that don’t just attract readers but make them lifelong fans, all while preserving your unique style and flair.
  • SEO specialists: Optimize your content for search engines, skyrocket your SEO scores, and organic traffic to your digital doorstep, all thanks to Reword.co.

Reword.co is ideal for you If you’re looking to maintain your one-of-a-kind brand voice and style while harnessing the power of AI. This platform allows you to train the AI to mirror your writing style, crafting a harmonious partnership where AI amplifies your creativity instead of overshadowing it.

Alternative Options: How Reword.co Compares to Other AI Writing Tools

Let’s see how Reword.co stacks up against other AI writing tools on the market, shall we? It’s like a high-stakes game of poker, but don’t worry! We’re here to lay all the cards on the table. 

Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is a sophisticated and versatile AI tool for content creation and art generation. It provides great content in different brand tones and styles. It includes templates for blogs, emails, ads, and more.


QuillBot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that helps users rewrite, edit, and adjust the tone of their text. It offers unlimited customization options, including synonym suggestions and integration with popular writing tools. 

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an AI writer that produces SEO-optimized, long-form blogs. It adheres to Google’s EEAT guidelines and generates research-based blog posts. Its goal is to reduce content creation time and costs while maintaining high-quality output.


Wordtune is an AI tool that enhances writing by correcting grammar, suggesting rewordings, and creating context-based texts. It’s known for summarizing large text chunks effectively.

AI ToolUnique Selling Point
Jasper AIVersatile AI writer and AI art generator designed for individuals, teams, and businesses.
QuillbotAI-powered paraphrasing tool with unlimited customization options.
Content at ScaleAI writer specializing in high-quality, SEO-focused, long-form blogs.
WordtuneAI-powered reading and writing companion with context-based suggestions.
Reword.coCollaborative AI writing assistant that amplifies your distinct voice.

My Personal Experience Using Reword

Let me tell you, using Reword has enhanced my writing by emphasizing my unique style and voice. The AI blends my experiences with its intelligence to offer useful and engaging content, striking the balance I’ve been striving for.

So far, It’s been progressively learning from my writing style, making content creation quicker and more productive

One of Reword’s standout features? The ability to propose headers and facts that perfectly match my audience’s interests. This feature puts a spotlight on Reword’s commitment to delivering impactful content.

Its clever integration with Google Search Console data lets Reword glean insights from my best-performing content, ensuring it mirrors what my audience and Google genuinely enjoy. 

While Reword.co might not currently sport the type of image upload function that I prefer, it compensates for this minor hiccup with a user-friendly experience when it comes to publishing and uploading drafts directly into WordPress.

My experience with Reword so far has been great. I’m improving my AI training skills, and the platform’s guidance is very helpful. 

I’m already rubbing my hands together in anticipation of what Reword has in store next, ready to dive headfirst into new features and future enhancements.

Final Thoughts – Is Reword.Co Worth it?

We’ve explored Reword.co, an AI writing tool that doesn’t just work for you but works WITH you. It’s a creative AI tool that collaborates with your unique style while delivering valuable insights to your audience.

The question remains – is it worth it? 

If you need an AI writing tool that improves your work, amplifies your voice, offers AI assistance, streamlines writing, and creates engaging, SEO-friendly content, the answer is pretty clear. (YES)

Not to mention, an AI tool that’s trainable, so you can still showcase your creative side and command your writing with confidence.

Reword.co provides Google Search Console integration, an editor toolbar, research tools, WordPress compatibility, and collaboration features.

It’s also affordable with multiple pricing plans.

Despite having to manually input the image source, instead of being able to quickly upload from your device, its benefits outshine the drawbacks.

Continuous updates and future developments make it a promising tool. 

Try Reword.co to see how it can revolutionize your writing process. Embrace the power of AI and let Reword.co help you in crafting exceptional content.

Remember, it’s free to start. Good luck!

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  1. AI is the modern trend making work easier and more efficient. I have been searching for writing assistance to make content generation easier and more interesting. I am excited to see Reword and its integration with Google Search Console and WordPress. They are my work tools. I believe they will make working easier for me.

    1. Hey Parameter,

      Indeed AI is the modern trend and innovation that most of us have been reaping the benefits from. I am with you on the Google Search Console and WordPress Integration capabilities – two big pillars in my digital marketing journey. I’m also excited to how the AI progresses with time!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the great review of Reword. co. I’ve been looking for an AI writing assistant that can help me improve my content and Reword. co seems like a great option.

    I’m particularly interested in the Google Search Console integration. I’ve been working on improving my SEO lately, and I think this integration could be a great way to get feedback on my content and make sure it’s optimized for search engines.

    1. Hey Jeffrey,

      I think the Google Search Console integration is by far my favorite feature of Reword. It gives the AI the opportunity to learn from your current data, see what’s working, and then adapt accordingly.

      Give Reword.co a shot and let me know how it goes!

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